• Pre-registration is required for ALL Winter League Events. There is NO day-of-event registration.
  • Public Reg will close on 11/1 at 11:59 pm for this meet.
  • PUBLIC start time sign-ups are here, they are open from Sept 2nd at 3 pm to Nov 1st at 11:59 pm
  • ALL runners will be called to enter the start procedure line 8 minutes prior to their assigned/picked start time. Please be race-ready when your name is called.
  • 2023-24 Start Procedures are here.
  • Read the 2023-24 WIOL Rules here and the 2023-24 Public Rules here.
  • Site map is here.
  • Start list is here.

Winter League is the Pacific Northwest’s premier competitive orienteering series for all ages.

  • Elementary, Middle School, High School and College students compete under the banner of the Washington Interscholastic Orienteering League (WIOL).
  • Winter League public courses offer a range of categories from a competitive long advanced category to non-competitive beginner-friendly categories at every event!


Public Courses Distance Controls Climb
Beginner 1.3 km 11 35 m
Adv. Beginner 1.9 km 12 35 m
Intermediate 2.8 km 15 45 m
Short Advanced 3.9 km 17 55 m
Long Advanced 5.5 km 21 95 m
WIOL Courses Distance Controls Climb
Elementary 1.3 km 11 35 m
Middle School 1.9 km 12 35 m
JV Rookie 2.6 km 14 50 m
 JV Female 2.8 km 15 45 m
JV Male / College JV 2.9 km 16 50 m
High School Varsity 3.9 km 18 65 m
College Varsity 5.5 km 21 95 m


How are courses measured?

Courses are measured as the crow flies, in a direct line from control to control. Unless you have wings, you will travel farther than this distance! Courses are measured in kilometers, so a good rule of thumb is to simply round up to miles to estimate how far you will go. So in a 5 kilometer race, you’ll likely travel up to 5 miles.


As an almost yearly venue, many of you know what Lincoln Park brings: trails. Many, many, trails. Courses will feel like a mix between a sprint and a middle. Don’t mistake that description for easy! If you’re not careful, you can get turned around, head the wrong direction out of an intersection, or find yourself in a “parallel error” where you’re actually at an adjacent similar feature compared to where you think you are. Use your compass and look at other features besides trails like rootstocks or streams to confirm which intersection you’re at and which direction you’re facing. Thumbing your map diligently will help as well.There are MANY controls in a small area. You will see controls that are not on your course, and some may be very close to your actual control. Be sure to check that the control code matches the number in the descriptions for your course! Courses also overlap themselves a lot, pay attention to not accidentally navigate to a control further along your course that isn’t next.In a compact area like this park there are also many competitors in a small area, and this is also a popular location for locals walking and running – please be careful while navigating and pick your head up to avoid high-speed conflicts.Regarding the map: the main playfield is marked as out of bounds (magenta cross-hatching) for all competitors. This is for fairness – even if you could run across without issue, there might be a game later, so everyone needs to go around the fields. The maintenance lot by the field is also out of bounds.
Regarding vegetation: white woods and white with undergrowth are both very runnable. Light green is passable, while medium and dark green are generally best avoided. On the map, black X is almost always a normal bench – these are generally mapped where they stand out individually, but none are mapped when they exist in larger clusters. There likely are some unmapped individuals. Black O on the map is used for a variety of things – bleachers, tall posts, playground equipment, and other large items. Control descriptions follow these same rules.I hope you enjoy!Eric Jones


This event is Pre-Registration Only.


8:30 am – PreRace Training Begins

8:30 am – Info Tent and Newcomer Instruction Opens

8:30 am – WIOL season bib/packet pickup opens

9:38 am – Start process begins

9:46 am – First start

10:30 am – WIOL Packet Pickup Tent closes (packets will be moved to Info Tent)

12:30 pm – Last Start*

2:30 pm – Course Closure*

*Subject to change if registration numbers dictate the need for an expanded start window

Why is there a start window?

This event uses an interval start, meaning participants are started in waves instead of all at once. Winter League uses an expanded National Meet style start.  You will be called to the first start tent 8 minutes prior to your assigned/picked start time. You will proceed through a series of start tents where you will verify your epunch and course, drop your coat, receive short essential course notes, get your control description sheets, clear and check, and receive your map. Please be race ready when your name is called.



$22 base price
– subtract $5 for CascadeOC members
– subtract $5 for using your own e-punch

Participating as a group? Just $5 for each additional adult (18+) group
member, no cost for additional minors.

Become a member for $5-25

Purchase your own e-punch for $40-$80

What’s an e-punch?

An e-punch records your race. At each control, you’ll dip the e-punch into an electronic box, which will beep and flash as confirmation. After you finish, you’ll download the e-punch at the download tent and get a receipt that show which controls you visited and how long you took between each; these are your “splits.”

Part of the fun of orienteering is comparing your splits with people who completed the same course, and discussing the routes you took!


There is no Day-of-Event registration. Pre-registration will close Wednesday 11/1/2023 at 11:59:00 PM.

Remember to also sign up for a start time for public runners via SignUp Genius here.  Start time sign-ups for WL #1 will be open from Sept 2nd at 3 pm to Nov 1st at 11:59 pm.

Learn more about volunteering

Volunteers make these events happen! You can volunteer and participate on the same day, plus earn volunteer points to earn a free meet.



Two parking areas are available: a small south lot and a larger north lot. Limited parking is also available along the East side of Fauntleroy Way.



Looking for a carpool? Join the club email group and share your request to find a ride.


Lincoln Park is an interesting combination of open, grassy park on a gentle slope, a loose network of wooded trails, and a tight network of really dense trails.


Read more on the map page

Navigational Challenge: 4

Physical Challenge: 2


Return to the Finish
All participants MUST return to the finish and download their e-punch or turn in their punch card.

Even if you have not finished your course, you must still return to the the finish and confirm with event staff that you have returned safely.

Out of Bounds
Some areas may be marked out of bounds. It is imperative to respect these boundaries to maintain our relationships with land managers. Participants MUST NOT go out of bounds. Any participant caught going out of bounds will be disqualified.

Course Closure
All participants MUST return to the finish by course closure time. If a participant does not return by course closure, event volunteers will begin coordinating a search party.

If you need a long time on the course, start as early in the start window as possible, wear a watch, and be prepared to cut your course short to make it back by the course closure time.

All participants MUST carry a whistle on the course. Complimentary whistles are available at the start tent (please only take one).

If you are injured on the course and need assistance, blow three long blasts to call for help.

If you hear a call for help, abandon your course to find the person in distress.

Part of the fun and fairness of orienteering is navigating your own course, so please be polite when you find a checkpoint and don’t holler that you’ve found it.