Anyone can do it
Cascade events are made possible by volunteers, through roles both big and small. And thanks to the diversity of volunteer roles available, anyone can contribute, without any previous experience.

You can participate and volunteer
Most day-of-event volunteer roles are broken up into shifts, typically 60-90 minutes long, meaning that you can participate in the event and volunteer on the same day!

Perks for you
Volunteers get volunteer points! Use your points when pre-registering for future CascadeOC events, and orienteer for free! (3 points = 1 free entry)

Benefit the club, benefit you!
Volunteers ensure that CascadeOC events run smoothly. When events run smoothly, then CascadeOC is able to add more events to the calendar!

Are you ready to contribute? Check out the list of roles below to see how you can help.

Ready to sign up now? We’d love to have you! Sign up to volunteer for an upcoming event at the registration site.





  • Check-in day-of-event registrants and pre-registered participants
  • Collect money and give change

This role is great for learning people’s names!


  • Maintain the time and flow of participants at the start
  • Verify that everyone has cleared their e-punch and taken the correct map
  • Give a short briefing to each start wave

Be a part of the start line energy!


  • Direct drivers where to park
  • Make sure cars are parked efficiently

This is especially important at venues with limited parking space!

Clear or Start Monitor

  • Ensure that all participants punch the clear or start box

Save someone from a bad day.

Finish Assistant

  • Enter day-of-meet registrations
  • Type in corrections

Help our finish crew focus on processing results!

Newcomer Instruction

Hang out near registration and provide basic instruction to newcomers. Use a beginner course map to show newcomers what a map and course look like.

Cover the basics of:

  • Punching the start, a control, the finish, and downloading
  • Orienting the map, thumbing your location, and choosing a route
  • Understanding the map colors and symbols
  • Safety information, such as course closure and how to use a whistle

Make newcomers feel welcome.

Control Pick-up

At course closure time, ask the Meet Director to determine which controls you can pick up and bring back to the registration area.

A great way to do some more orienteering!


About a week before the event, pre-run (or walk) courses that have been marked with ribbons for controls, and give feedback to the course designers.

You may participate in the event on event-day, but will be listed as ‘non-competitive’ (NC).

Provide another perspective and contribute to the creative course designing process!