Welcome to Orienteering

If you like being outside and exploring nature, then this is the sport for you. Using a map and your powers of observation, you'll navigate through a course of pre-set checkpoints.

Beginners are welcome, and it is not unusual to see entire families orienteering, either together or on different levels of courses.

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Upcoming Events

Sat, Oct 10 - Online by 9:00pm 10/8, or onsite from 10:00am - 11:00am - Choose Your Adventure #5: Woodland Park! - Seattle, WA - This is the fifth of six events in the 2015 Choose Your Adventure Series and also our annual club pizza party. Hear about what the club is working on! 1:15pm at the nearby Phinney Community Center. Plenty of parking.

Sat, Oct 17 - Pre-registration required - WIOL Training at Lynndale Park - Lynnwood, WA - WIOL Training focused on beginners. Still working on advanced training for JV to Varsity skill sets.

Sat, Oct 24 - Online by 9:00pm 10/22, or onsite from 5:30pm - 6:30pm - Choose Your Adventure #6: Vampire! - Lynnwood, WA - Flashlight tag + night orienteering = Vampire-O!

Sat, Nov 7 - 9:30AM-11:30AM Preregistration preferred. - Winter O' Series / WIOL #1 - Magnuson Park - Seattle, WA - Welcome to Winter Series/WIOL #1...coaches please arrive early to pick up bibs, start times, e-punches etc. Magnuson Park is a fun, wide open venue that offers tactical navigation choices for participants of all skill levels. Mind the dark green (blackberries) and enjoy!

Sat, Nov 21 - 10am-noon - Winter O' Series / WIOL #2 - North SeaTac Park - Sea Tac, WA - North SeaTac Park is a 165-acre park built on the site of old neighborhoods around the airport. The buildings have long ago been replaced by woods, fields, trails, and a major BMX facility, but you can still see the old street grid as you navigate...