Welcome to Orienteering

If you like being outside and exploring nature, then this is the sport for you. Using a map and your powers of observation, you'll navigate through a course of pre-set checkpoints.

Beginners are welcome, and it is not unusual to see entire families orienteering, either together or on different levels of courses.

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Upcoming Events

Wed, Sep 9 - 5-7 PM - Wednesday Evening #5 - Lake Wilderness Park - Maple Valley, WA - Start with casual, family-friendly navigation through a popular park with hidden gems. Finish with a BBQ.

Sun, Sep 13 - Cedar River Navigation Race - 2 & 4 Hour - Maple Valley, WA - Navigate forest with trails and suburban streets as you find as many of the 30 checkpoints as you can in 2 hours or 4 hours.

Fri, Sep 18 - Sun, Sep 20 - Sierra Summerfest (2-day US Classic Champs + sprint) - Little Truckee Summit, CA

Sat, Sep 19 - Online by 9:00pm 9/17, or onsite from 8:30am - 9:00am - Choose Your Adventure #3: Corn Maze! - Snohomish, WA

Sat, Sep 26 - Sun, Sep 27 - SEATTLE ADVENTURE RUNNING TOURNAMENT - Seattle, WA - A weekend of six short, intense, head-to-head "sprint" orienteering races! (All participants will be able to run all rounds of the tournament.)