2019 Choose Your Adventure #5: The Bog Slog and Jog


December 29, 2019 - Event Page

Some background to the wandering Control 121: There was an issue on the CYA course map around controls 121 and 136 where the control code label of 121 was closer to control 136, and the control code label of 136 was closer to control 121. These controls were in their correct locations in the beginning of the event but they appeared from the CYA map to be in the wrong locations. At one point during the event, these controls were swapped with each other; we are guessing by a CYA participant trying to make things right. Since control 121 was also used on the Jog course, the consequence of the switch was that the control 136 was now in the location where the Jog participants expected control 121. At this point, it was decided to place both 121 and 136 in both locations as a way to reduce confusion. If you see something that looks like it is wrong, please report it to the event organizers. Please do NOT move controls as it can have unforeseen consequences.

Meet Director: Jud Kelley
Course Designer(s): Ethan O’Connor
Registration: Sarah Keyt, Melanie Davis, Chris Milsted
Parking: Julia Morse
Newcomer Instruction: Rick Breseman
Start and Map Handout: Ethan O’Connor, Kathy Forgrave,
Finish: Olivier Baxa, Gina Nuss, Ing Uhlin
Control Pickup: Zoe Sibthorp, Dave Dummeyer, Anthony Donahue, Ethan O’Connor

Thank you to all volunteers for helping make this event a success!

Bog Jog – Women

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Ing Uhlin COC 113:08
2 Heather Fourie COC 118:53
3 Zoe Sibthorp COC 120:39
4 Sherri Brady COC 126:54
5 Erika Anderson COC 128:49
6 Debbie Newell COC 171:53
7 Elena Noble COC 172:32
8 Olga Shustrova COC 184:39
Katie DeNiro COC dnf 171:57
Robin Nordberg COC dnf 172:28
Julia Morse COC dnf 185:51
Eva Odderson COC dnf 231:32
Bethany Rentz COC dnf –:–


Bog Jog – Group

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Mike+Tracy Schuh+Whelen COC 156:17
2 Sally Dow_Group COC 236:32
Group Ramsborg COC dnf 206:55
Team Bazzel COC dnf 209:47
Team ESAR Group COC dnf 238:44


Bog Jog – Men

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Mack Malloch COC 99:30
2 Benjamin Brady COC 112:06
3 Ken Anderson COC 118:33
4 Dave Dummeyer COC 121:31
5 Oyvind Naess COC 130:15
6 David Parsons None 130:24
7 Rick Breseman COC 139:08
8 Brian Crawford COC 165:03
9 Erik Odderson COC 189:38
10 Andrew Feucht_Group COC 218:03
11 David Tallent COC 218:24
Kean Williams COC msp 126:44
Jon Lebo None msp 214:52
Richard Pleiss COC dnf 133:30
David Enger COC dnf 162:55
Andrew Feucht COC dnf 172:26
Kyle Hopkins COC dnf 213:55
Jared Hopkins COC dnf 214:27
Aidan Hopkins COC dnf 225:24
Daniel Castelluccio COC dnf –:–


Bog Slog – Women

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Emily Caseria COC 158:15
2 Tyra Christopherson COC 167:46
Andrea Hoover COC dnf 238:03
Wendy Tully-Gustafson COC dnf 243:21


Bog Slog – Group

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Natalia Beketova_Group COC 194:06
Ben Brumback_Group COC msp 234:42
Peter Krantwald_Group COC dnf 200:14


Bog Slog – Men

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Peteris Ledins FRR 108:11
2 Dusty Caseria COC 119:03
3 Will Enger COC 120:08
4 Nikolay Nachev COC 127:28
5 Matt Baughman COC 144:38
6 Dan Thrush COC 150:50
7 Jonathan Olson COC 154:31
8 Bruce Christopherson COC 154:39
9 Dmitry Chernov COC 163:01
10 Tomas Vaisar COC 172:41
11 Dave Golias COC 178:29
12 Alexander Myachin CROC 181:08
13 Alex Bond COC 183:35
14 Serge Smirnov None 185:28
15 Michael Spencer COC 192:53
16 Devin Golias None 196:29
17 Glenn Rogers COC 206:58
18 David Vaisar COC 214:03
Colin Ness COC msp 190:27
Byron Hawkins None msp 248:04
Oliver Hopcraft COC dnf 152:23
Andrew Schwans COC dnf 243:27
Anthony Donahue CROC dnf 252:08
Olivier Baxa COC dnf –:–


Result Status Codes

msp: missing punch
a control was skipped or taken out of order
dnf: did not finish
a control or set of controls at the end of the course were skipped
nc: not competing
the competitor is not eligible for standings, such as when running a second course
dq: disqualified
breaking competition rules, such as conferring with another competitor or entering an out of bounds area
ovt: overtime
returning after the course closure time
dns: did not start
the competitor did not start
the star indicates course completion status was not reported and may be valid, msp, or dnf