Luther Burbank Park is a long, narrow park with a number of different micro-areas. At the south end is a grassy area, beach distinctive landform sculpture, and parking area. To the west, connected only by trail, is a campus and garden areas. To the north, through the woods, is another parking area and playground, and another open area.  And further north is a dog park and yet another open area.

Together, these form a lot of open, grassy areas, but because they are compartmentalized, the park feels bigger than the 1:5,000-scale indicates, and it is feature-rich for city park course design.

Note: Samples of the map are provided here for educational purposes only; the map shown here is not kept up-to-date. The course shown is a Beginner/Intermediate course, and actual controls do not exist in the terrain.

The purpose of providing these navigational and physical ratings below is to provide greater context for how challenging an orienteering course at this venue might be. For example, an advanced-level course at a local city park will be easier to complete than an advanced-level course in the mountains.

Navigational Challenge Rating: 3/10

Luther Burbank Park is a pretty waterside park, with many distinct features to aid navigation, such as well-groomed trails, roads, buildings, and distinct vegetation boundaries between forest and grass.

Physical Challenge Rating: 2/10

Luther Burbank ranges from flat to gradual incline. The well-kept trails, roads, and grass provide excellent footing.