There are delights here for beginners and advanced orienteers alike. Buildings, ballfields, and trails provide a great beginner and intermediate area, while the forest is a giant knot of trails that can terrorize any advanced orienteer who becomes lazy about reading contours or using their compass to check the direction of the trail.

Note: Samples of the map are provided here for educational purposes only; the map shown here is not kept up-to-date. The course shown is a Beginner/Intermediate course, and actual controls do not exist in the terrain.

The purpose of providing these navigational and physical ratings below is to provide greater context for how challenging an orienteering course at this venue might be. For example, an advanced-level course at a local city park will be easier to complete than an advanced-level course in the mountains.

Navigational Challenge Rating: 5/10

The ballfields, buildings, and trails provide a great beginner and intermediate area.

The forest on the other hand, is a giant knot of trails. To make it through this maze, keep close track of your current location on the map at all times. You can use your compass to confirm that a trail is going the right direction, and double-check that the contours make sense as well.

Physical Challenge Rating: 5/10

While the ballfield area is fairly flat, the forest features some modest hills with trails of varying quality. Some lesser used areas can be quite steep.