Join us for a day of orienteering to raise funds for our young Cascade Orienteering Club athletes traveling to big competitions this summer!

Cascade Orienteering Club’s Danny Buchholz, Greta Leonard, Zariah Zosel, Ben Brady, Ben Conley, Jackson Rupe, and Ben Cooper earned their spots as athletes and alternate on the 12-person team representing the United States at the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Czech this July. Grace Zoppi and Jessica Colleran earned spots as athlete and alternate on the team going to the World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) in Scotland this July. See Orienteering USA’s team announcements here and here. JWOC and WUOC are incredible opportunities for these young athletes to compete on the world stage, bond with their teammates, and meet orienteers from all over the world.

This fundraiser event is family-friendly and will be lots of fun for orienteers of all levels! We offer two courses, both featuring traditional orienteering as well as segments on other styles of map, minute-to-win-it games, and a scavenger hunt.

All registration fees paid will offset the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation for Cascade’s athletes at JWOC and WUOC. Thank you for your support!


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Short course: 2.3 km total, including:

  • 1.1 km on a standard orienteering map,
  • 0.8 km on a street map,
  • and 0.4 km on a satellite map.

Long course: 4.0 km total, including:

  • 2.3 km on a standard orienteering map,
  • 1.3 km on a street map,
  • and 0.4 km on a satellite map.


How are courses measured?

Courses are measured as the crow flies, in a direct line from control to control. Unless you have wings, you will travel farther than this distance! Courses are measured in kilometers, so a good rule of thumb is to simply round up to miles to estimate how far you will go. So in a 5 kilometer race, you’ll likely travel up to 5 miles.


This fundraiser event is family-friendly and will be lots of fun for orienteers of all levels! We offer two courses of different lengths, but no difference in navigational difficulty. Off-trail navigation is possible, but not required.

Both courses will feature:

  • standard orienteering on the Cascade’s 1:4000 scale map;
  • segments of the course on satellite and street maps;
  • minute-to-win-it games;
  • and a scavenger hunt!

These elements are inspired by Georgia Orienteering Club’s annual Extreme-O competition, MerGeo’s Street Scramble events, and scaled down to fit in a neighborhood park!


9:00-9:50 am – Registration and check-in. Beginner instruction available.

9:50 am – Announcements

10:00-10:45 am – Starts every 30 seconds to encourage chaos and competition!

12:30 pm – Courses close

Why is there a start window?

This event uses an interval start, which means that participants are started in waves instead of all at once. When the start window opens at 10:00 am, we will start an individual or group every 30 seconds!


$22 for all individual or group registrations

$25 for all individual or group registrations

No discount for club membership.

No e-punches required at this event.

Compasses available for loan.


Day-of-event registration is available by cash or check, made payable to Cascade Orienteering Club.

Online pre-registration closes: 9pm, Wednesday, May 29th

Learn more about volunteering

Volunteers make these events happen! You can volunteer and participate on the same day, plus earn volunteer points to earn a free meet.



Looking for a carpool? Join the club email group and share your request to find a ride.


Lynndale Park is a 1:4,000-scale map with a lot happening in it. You’ll find rolling hills, runnable forest, and a complex trail network bounded by open areas with buildings. This is where the school league training is held each fall.

Read more on the map page

Navigational Challenge: 5

Physical Challenge: 4


Return to the Finish
All participants MUST return to the finish.

Even if you have not finished your course, you must still return to the the finish and confirm with event staff that you have returned safely.

Out of Bounds
Some areas may be marked out of bounds. It is imperative to respect these boundaries to maintain our relationships with land managers. Participants MUST NOT go out of bounds. Any participant caught going out of bounds will be disqualified.

Course Closure
All participants MUST return to the finish by course closure time. If a participant does not return by course closure, event volunteers will begin coordinating a search party.

If you need a long time on the course, start as early in the start window as possible, wear a watch, and be prepared to cut your course short to make it back by the course closure time.

All participants MUST carry a whistle on the course. Complimentary whistles are available at the start tent (please only take one).

If you are injured on the course and need assistance, blow three long blasts to call for help.

If you hear a call for help, abandon your course to find the person in distress.

Part of the fun and fairness of orienteering is navigating your own course, so please be polite when you find a checkpoint and don’t holler that you’ve found it.