June 4-12, 2022

Enjoy nine orienteering events in Montana and Eastern Washington, including two NREs! Sign up for the whole festival or take your pick.



Registration for the festival is closed but you can still sign up for both events at Fishtrap Lake! Register for Fishtrap events ONLY.

See who is already registered.

Start times

All events except the goat (which is a mass start) will have individual pre-assigned start times.

View or download a start list (Spokane and Fishtrap events only). Lists will be added as they become available.

For the Montana events: in order to be pre-assigned a start time, sign up by 8pm Mountain Time on June 1. If you sign up later, you must go to the start and wait for an opening.

Be one of the first 100 to register (for all or any portion of PNWOF) and receive a special souvenir, handmade by John Harbuck of EWOC!

Volunteer points

COC members, you may use volunteer points to pay for a portion of your entry fee (for Fishtrap events ONLY). Email pnwof@cascadeoc.org and ask for a discount code.

Montana resident and GrizO member discount

If you are a GrizO member and a Montana resident, you are eligible for a 50% discount for the Montana events only. Email grizorienteering@gmail.com for a discount code.

Registration closure

Registration for the festival is now closed. Registration for the Fishtrap events will close Wednesday, June 8 at 9pm PDT. Register for Fishtrap events ONLY.


Event fees

PWNOF Packages
PNWOF2022 NRE Package – all 9 races (includes both NREs) $117 – 20 and under
$173 – adult
PNWOF2022 Package – all 9 races (NOT eligible for ranking points at Fishtrap NRE) $113 – 20 and under
$162 – adult
Individual pricing
Saturday, June 4 – Middle NRE, Lubrecht Experimental Forest $10 – 20 and under
$30 – adult
Sunday, June 5 – Classic, Lubrecht Experimental Forest $10 – 20 and under
$30 – adult
Monday, June 6 – Sprint, University of Montana $5 – 20 and under
$20 – adult
Tuesday, June 7 – Classic, Saltese Uplands $20
Wednesday, June 8 (morning) – Sprint, Manito Park $12
$20 – both sprints
Wednesday, June 8 (afternoon) – Sprint, Bowl & Pitcher (Riverside State Park) $12
$20 – both sprints
Thursday, June 10 – Classic, Camp Seven Mile (Riverside State Park) $20
Saturday, June 11 – Middle NRE, Fishtrap Lake $25 – 20 and under
$32 – adult
$20 – non-ranking classes
Sunday, June 12 – Goat, Fishtrap Lake $20
Saturday, June 4 – Pasta dinner at Lubrecht $10 – 16 and under
$25 – adult

Timing system

We will use the SPORTident electronic timing and punching system for all events. All competitors are required to use an SI-Card to participate. If you don’t own your own, sign up to rent one when you register.


If the SI unit fails (you don’t hear a beep or see a flash), use the manual pin punch to punch your map.


Let us know at pnwof@cascadeoc.org