The 34th Annual Bog Slog - Lord Hill Regional Park - MASS START!

Sat, Dec 28, 2013
Monroe, WA
The 34th Annual Bog Slog has a new venue (Lord Hill) and a new format (mass start) for 2013!
Registration time: 
Meet Director: 
Patrick Nuss
Electronic Punching: 
E-punch Coordinator: 
Debbie Newell

The Bog Slog is orienteering at its winter sloppiest. The weather usually cooperates, with lots of cold or buckets of rain—sometimes even snow. The event has a reputation for insanely difficult courses, huge changes in elevation, memorably remote controls, and lots of mud. Not for the faint of heart, but a must for anyone seeking maximum challenge and mud-collecting opportunities!

This year is the 34th Annual Bog Slog, and we've got some new things this year. First, the event will be held at Lord Hill Regional Park in Monroe for the first time ever (after 33 years at St. Edward's). Also new will be a MASS START event! We feel that a mass start will make the race more social for the participants before, during, and after (there's going to be a post-race social pot-luck nearby!). Let's celebrate the holidays and club spirit! 
Available Courses:
SLOG: This course is a perfect introduction to orienteering, with all checkpoints along park trails. 
Short Version: 2km trail run ( 6 checkpoints,  70m elevation gain)
Long Version:  5km trail run (13 checkpoints, 160m elevation gain)
SLOGGIER: This intermediate course has a mix of checkpoints along trails, as well as some on larger off-trail landmarks.
3km intermediate navigation  ( 8 checkpoints, 200m elevation gain)
SLOGGIEST: This course will go significantly off-trail, and is for expert navigators only!
Short Version: 3km advanced navigation ( 9 checkpoints, 200m gain)
Long Version:  6km advanced navigation (14 checkpoints, 350m gain)
Event & Course Notes:
There will not be drinking water available on the course, so if you feel you will need water (particularly for the long advanced), we suggest planning to carry some with you.
We're staging from the south entrance to the park at the end of Old Tester Road. We'll park as many vehicles as we can at the registration and finish area (at the bowl up the hill). If overflow parking is needed, those vehicles will park at the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. From the lower parking lot to the registration & finish area, there is a 500m walk with 60m climb. From the registration & finish area to the start, there's a 250m walk with 60m climb. Please plan accordingly! (Google Map)
Due to the fact that root stocks and tree stumps are abundant and constantly changing at Lord Hill, none of them are mapped.
There is quite a bit of trail work going on at the park right now.  Map updates were made on 12/15, however there may be additional change since that time.  This should have minimal if any affect on the beginner (slog) or intermediate (sloggier) courses, but may affect the advanced (sloggiest) courses.  Differences you are most likely to find are indistinct trails now being distinct and trails extending further than mapped.
Nettles are at a minimum this time of year, and other challenging vegetation such as Devil's Club is easier to navigate than during spring/summer.
Schedule: Saturday, December 28th, 2013
 9:30am: Registration opens. Navigation instruction opens.
10:30am: Registration closes. Navigation instruction closes.
10:45am: Mass Start for SLOGGIEST (Long)
10:50am: Mass Start for SLOGGIEST (Short)
10:55am: Mass Start for SLOGGIER
11:00am: Mass Start for SLOG (Long & Short)
 2:00pm: ALL courses close
Can't make the mass start? We'll have interval starts available as early as 9:30am (and earlier for event staff), but we encourage everyone to attend the mass start! Courses will close at 2:00pm, no exceptions!
Potluck Info
What:  Post Bog Slog Potluck
Where: The Bresemans' house! (15 minute drive south of Lord Hill)
When:  1:30pm to 6:00pm (arrive when you can)
To receive driving directions, please RSVP to with:
1) Number in your party
2) What you plan to bring.
For those of you that can never get enough orienteering, there will have a short course of the surrounding area!
Pre-Registration Entry Fees (through 9:00pm, December 26)
$ 9  Standard Entry* 
$ 6  Discounted Entry* (for club members and children)

$ 2  Electronic timing chip rental
Day-Of-Event Registration Entry Fees
$11  Standard Entry* 
$ 8  Discounted Entry* (for club members and children)

$ 2  Electronic timing chip rental
* One entry can be used for either solo competitors or teams. If competing as a team, only one timing chip is required for the team. One map is provided per entry.