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Save time and money - pre-register!

Pre-register for any meet from home, paying by credit card or volunteer points--options that are not available at the event. You'll also save the $2 day-of-event fee by pre-registering. And if you're not sure you're going, you can even pre-register with a pay-at-the-meet option. All of this means you'll never have to stand in line to to fill out a paper registration form.

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The site discreetly remembers your personal info (but not your financial info), making it the fastest and most secure way to register for an orienteering event. But make sure you register by Thursday before the meet!

Want to participate for free? - Volunteer! 

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Cascade Orienteering Club runs over twenty meets a year, all with volunteers. This dedicated, rotating team of people assigned to different roles helps design the courses, put the controls out, run the meets, get people started, track finishers, and retrieve the controls when the meet is over. Volunteering is a low-stress, a fun way to meet people, and helps out the sport and the club. Plus, you automatically earn rewards at every meet.

For this valuable service, we offer VOLUNTEER POINTS, which can be used for entry to meets, for club apparel, or for orienteering gear (compasses & e-punches).  Few volunteer jobs require special skills or experience, and the meet director will teach you what you need to know the day of event. In most cases, you will be able to run your course and volunteer at the same event, as events allow volunteers to begin their courses before the start window officially opens.

As a general community guideline, please volunteer in some way for at least one of every five events that you attend.

Click any title for details on any volunteer role, including how to volunteer:

Major volunteer roles (10-20 VIP points each).

  • Meet Director. Coordinates the event and volunteers.
  • Course Designer. Designs the courses from an existing map (if a Winter O/WIOL event, this is a 20-point role). Often accompanied by a Course Setter, who helps put out controls.
  • E-Punch Coordinator. Runs the finish line computer system, with volunteers.

Shift volunteer roles (3-4 VIP points each). Typically 90 minutes. Know what time your shift starts!

  • Registration. Gets people signed up to participate.
  • E-Punch Handout. Hands people their e-punches and sends the numbers to the finish tent.
  • Beginner Instruction. Teaches the basics of orienteering to beginners in five to ten minutes.
  • Start Line. Gets people's e-punches cleared and checked, and started on the right course on time.
  • Finish. Gets people through the finish line quickly. (If an e-punch meet, this is a 4 VIP point role).

Pre-and-post event roles:

  • Vetter. Runs before the event to make sure courses are set properly. (2 VIP points)
  • Control Pickup. After the event, helps get markers back to the registration area. (1-2 VIP points)

The best way to get your preferred role and meet is to volunteer early. Just go to the Upcoming Events, click the meet of your choice and click its Volunteer link. Easy!

You can also contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you need to ask questions. A week or two before events, email is typically sent to the club e-mail list asking for volunteers for any remaining positions that we need to fill at the last minute.