Highest-ever placement by a North American in world competition!

This year, a North American finally made it to the podium in a world orienteering event. Emily Kemp, from Ottawa, Ontario placed 3rd at the Junior World Orienteering Championship (JWOC)--the highest placed individual from this continent ever. Congratulations to Emily!

Some of COC's best orienteers have been training at excellent events north of the border for some time now, and this coming year we will increase the level of connection for top youth orienteers. See the full story about Emily's achievement and how it happened at her blog on the Canadian site.

"A good race doesn’t happen because you want it to, or because 'it’s time'. A good race happens because you have trained so hard that even your bad races can be compared with the times of the best orienteers around the world. After gaining so much racing experience I have also realized that 'il ne faut jamais baisser les bras' (the French expression for never throwing in the towel) no matter what silly mistake you have just made."

- Emily Kemp, JWOC 2012 3rd Place