Wednesday Evening Series #3 - Wilburton Hill Park

Bellevue, WA
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Registration time: 
5-7 PM
Wilburton Hill Park
Meet Director: 
Will Enger
Course Designer: 
Will Enger
Electronic Punching: 

The third installment of Cascade's new summertime Wednesday Evening Series! These are low-key, laid-back, beginner-friendly events that take place in local parks under nice sunshine and warm temperatures. These meets also feature a barbeque open to all participants to encourage socializing and course-comparing, so be sure to work up an appetite!

This event will feature three mapped courses, with an additional Course 4 available. Course 4 will consist first of Course 2, after which participants will return to the start and exchange their Course 2 map for a Course 3 map, then complete Course 3 before finishing. In short, 2 + 3 = 4. 

Course distances:

Course 1: 1.0 km, 15 m climb

Course 2: 2.1 km, 40 m climb

Course 3: 2.4 km, 75 m climb

Please also note that Wilburton Hill Park has undergone significant changes since last summer's event, and as such the map has been updated to include, among other things, several new trails and an interesting new architectural feature. Come to the meet and run Course 2 or Course 4 to find out what it is!



Standard event information

Orienteering sign Follow the orange and white directional signs to the event.

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$9   Standard fee
$6   Discounted fee (under 18, or club member)
$2   Additional fee for electronic punch use

Day-of-event registration fees: Add $2.00 to the Standard and Discounted fees (e-punch use fee remains the same).

Whistle: All participants must carry a whistle while on a course at a COC event.

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