Winter O' / WIOL #7: Fire Mountain Scout Camp

Mt. Vernon, WA
Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 10:00am - 1:30pm
Registration time: 
Online registration preferred before 8 PM on Thurs (or 9:30am-noon at meet)
Meet Director: 
Jana Dvorak
Meet Director: 
Anna Urbanova
Course Designer: 
Peter Golde
Course Designer: 
Mike Ford
E-punch Coordinator: 
Jennifer Flagel
E-coordinator backup: 
Debbie Newell
Electronic Punching: 
Last regular meet of the WIOL / Winter 'O season. Public courses of five different levels, including a competitive course for advanced orienteers (Course #7).

Beginner, Course 1: 10 controls, 1.7 km
Adv. Beginner, Course 2: 11 controls, 2.1 km
Intermediate, Course 3: 11 controls. 2.2 km
Short Advanced, Course 5: 13 controls, 2.8 km
Advanced, Course 7: 18 controls, 4.4 km

'Please cross the major streams on bridges only, in order to preserve salmon spawning habitat. All crossings you need to be aware of will either be very near a control, or have a marked crossing point on the map.

On Course 3 and above, if you have bare legs, you will leave a trail of blood for your competitors to follow. Long sleeves probably wouldn’t hurt either. Your shoes and socks will almost certainly be soaking wet by the end of the course. 

Course 7 crosses over itself. Please read your map and control numbers carefully to visit the controls in order.

Please remember DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED at this meet.  Please Respect the wishes of the Scout Camp.


Standard event information

Orienteering sign Follow the orange and white directional signs to the event.

Pre-registration Fees: following are the standard fees for events when you pre-register online, unless otherwise noted in the event information.

$9   Standard fee
$6   Discounted fee (under 18, or club member)
$2   Additional fee for electronic punch use

Day-of-event registration fees: Add $2.00 to the Standard and Discounted fees (e-punch use fee remains the same).

Whistle: All participants must carry a whistle while on a course at a COC event.

Course Closure: For events with the normal 10am-noon registration time, course markers are normally picked up beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Beginner Courses: All local COC meets offer a course for beginners or newcomers unless otherwise noted.